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C-me Colour Profiling. One-to-one coaching
Get in touch for a no-strings initial conversation by phone or in person to explore whether I’m the right coach for you.

If we decide to go ahead, we would normally agree to have between six and ten sessions, after which we’d review progress and decide next steps.

I generally work face to face from a comfortable room near Waterloo, London SE1. I will consider visiting you at your workplace. Online coaching using Zoom is also an option.

If your employer is sponsoring your coaching, we will normally have a three-way meeting with you and your sponsor (maybe a senior manager, or the head of training and development) to agree overall goals and the changes that you and your company are seeking. 

Thereafter, coaching conversations are confidential between you and me. We’ll end the programme with another three-way meeting to assess the difference that the coaching has made. We may agree a half-way review meeting with your sponsor.


High performing teams build successful organisations. I use C-me Preference Profiling because it gives teams the knowledge and understanding to build on each member’s strengths, understand weaknesses and blind spots, and to develop excellence. Using C-me, I help teams to identify where they may have gaps, and to benefit from the insights it reveals. I help teams to communicate effectively with each other and with everyone else, and this results in greatly enhanced motivation and productivity for their organisation.


If you’re looking for a facilitator for an away-day, strategic planning session, board development event, or any other kind of thinking session, contact me to talk about how I can help. I am experienced in delivering a wide range of events that result in enhanced understanding, a coming together of diverse stakeholders, and clear action plans, and this is work I love to do. I will bring creative and effective tools to help you to achieve your goals and aspirations, whether you’re looking for a small or large group event.


Contact me to discuss your organisational training needs. I can tailor programmes to your needs. Most popular courses are Coaching Skills for Managers and Introduction to Governance for charity trustees. I can also refer on to other expert trainers.


Space to Think is a group programme designed for women leading not for profit organisations. It is especially helpful for new CEOs. Each session covers essential skills and knowledge for CEOs and allows each participant to explore, in depth, an issue that they’re currently facing at work. Contact me to find out when and where the next group will be launched.


C-me Colour Profiling. One-to-one coaching
Helping people excel at what they do naturally

C-me provides behavioural profiling to help you, your team or organisation harness natural talent and build long-term success.

It provides a framework for understanding preferred roles and communication styles, highlighting your strengths as well as your areas for development. I am an accredited C-me Activator.

C-me Colour Profiling gives you valuable insight that can immediately be applied to:

  • Build a more resilient team and a more sustainable business
  • Generate effective communication
  • Optimise personal and team performance
  • Maximise team cohesion and engagement
  • Develop a committed culture
  • Improve retention and attract key talent
  • Inform recruitment and people strategy

The online C-me Colour Profiling questionnaire is quick to complete – usually around 10 minutes! It’s cost effective, extremely accurate, flexible – and importantly the results are easy to recall and apply!

Using the colours RedYellowGreen and Blue to bring the reports to life, C-me Colour Profiling is easy to understand and jargon free. C-me can be used in face to face or virtual environments.

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"I joined one of Annie's Space to Think groups for CEOs and Senior Managers of charities. I found it an enormously valuable space dedicated to thinking over and discussing the problems of running an organisation, from practical strategies for managing time, staff and raising funds, to considering strategic development and Boards."

Alice Milton Doyle

"Annie's Space To Think group has provided me with a wonderfully supportive and resourceful forum to be part of and to draw support from. As the CEO of a small local charity, work can be overwhelming and lonely sometimes. The way Annie runs the group feels very safe, with space for challenge and learning (as well as lovely food!)."

Isabelle Clement