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When I accepted Tamara’s nomination for “one lovely blog”, I only nominated one blog to pass on.  To tell you the truth, it was late at night, and all this social networking stuff just eats up time; so I thought, well one blog nominated is better than none, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about Henry’s happy philosophy.  But I really needed to nominate seven.  Those are the rules.  And in the time since last posting, I’ve come across some real gems.  Some I read regularly, some are new.

So here’s one of my very favourites:  http://www.downssideup.com/ is a blog that changes general perceptions about Down’s Syndrome, and it’s written by Hayley Goleniowska, mother of a splendid little girl called Natty with Down’s Syndrome.  Her blogs are passionate, inspirational, and are gathering a great fan base. Just read her letter to Geoffrey Clarke and cheer aloud.

Through Hayley’s site, I discovered Steve Allman:  http://www.steveallman.co.uk/undateables/ and decided that I’d follow his blog.  Again, his writing is full humanity and humour.

As a writer, I really like Stella Duffy’s blog, “Not writing but blogging”: http://stelladuffy.wordpress.com/  Tips for writers, lots of thoughts about the relationship between writer and reader, plus much more about life in general.

As a coach (so many hats!!) I like Mike the Mentor – http://www.mikethementor.co.uk because his updates are always so eclectic and interesting, and I’ve learnt a lot just from reading his blogs and poking around his website.

One that I’ve recently found, due to meeting new friends on a Caribbean cruise (!!) is about the adventure of creating a summer home in Croatia.  Only it’s about much more than that.  Allow me to introduce you to my new friends Elisa and Charles:  http://adventureincroatia.wordpress.com/

And the last blog that I’d like to nominate for “One Lovely Blog” is not a blog.  No, I’m cheating.  But I want to nominate my friend Kev’s collection of photographs which he publishes on Flikr:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/fb_onlineportfolio/  They’re utterly beautiful, and deserve a large audience.

So there you go!  enjoy….


  1. […] special Thank You today to Annie at Beanstalk Coaching for recommending Our Adventure in Croatia for the One Lovely Blog Award. We didn’t meet Annie […]

  2. Our Adventure in Croatia on January 19, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    hello Annie and thank you for recommending Our Adventure in Croatia for “One Lovely Blog Award” – proper thanks and a link in today’s post here

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